Software Development for AI platforms

December 4, 2019

By Chaan Beard

Everywhere you turn these days its AI this and AI that. If you stop and think about it for a second and get into the history of each AI on a one by one basis you may correctly conclude "hey, this is just some old analytics engine that's been around forever, that's not AI!!"

True AI of the Neural Network kind is where the real AI cutting edge is at and its at its real Genesis right now.

Algorithms based on data logs and what a great many software systems do with it with one or other algorithm is not really AI, that's just plain old vanilla analytics.

I did a lot of work for BMC patrol back in the day with various Knowledge modules for IBM gear where we automated a lot of the processes that people had to manually execute on before.

There is a lot of cool things you can do here that makes it look like its a true Neural Network AI making the decisions, but it's not.

Lets take a look at some of the work here to differentiate whats hot and whats not in general terms.

So what is all this fuss about AI all about then?

Well its really one of those phenomena that can be chalked down to what I call "The Spirit of the age".

Seems like there are quite a few new generation millennial types who think this is new age AI magic.

The fact is, analytics engines and platforms like BMC Patrol have been around for quite some time.

AI is mostly just new lipstick for a very badly ageing old automation pig.

Companies who have been using this sort of thing to manufacture goods like soap, oils, scents washing powders, processed foods and the like have been using programmable logic controllers (PLC) in their factories for a very long time now.

If you go visit Proctor and Gamble or any of the Unilever factories that make the products you buy every week at supermarkets like Safeway, Lucky's, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Pick N' Pay et al, you will be amazed at how the computers controlling the various feeders and hoppers all armed with PLC units all work together like a fascinating computer controlled mechanical opera to produce the chemical mixes and formulas for say toothpaste then after a few days production run something like Ketchup or some washing powder product.

A lot of this process control stuff is all elaborate scripts similar to old DOS Autoexec files, only much longer and vastly more complicated.

Its also what we call a real time environment. Real Time Operating systems are critical for mass production line manufacturing of stuff that gets packaged and shipped to various supermarket shelves and quality control is a big thing in these arenas.

As computer systems have grown more powerful, sophisticated 4GL languages and such software automation systems proved to be an evolution point that set the stage for where we find ourselves today and AI has become a very big thing.

If you look at the computing power in a Tesla or Jaguar EV for example you will see a vast array of Powerful AI systems in nVidia DGX2 platform format where rapid data analysis and sensor feed inputs are helping the vehicle basically drive itself.

You need a stunning amount of sensor and camera data for this to happen at high speed without killing anyone in the vehicle as well as a vast array of processing power at your beck and call. This processing power is coming via the array of Tesla Graphics cards in the DGX2 platforms.

These Graphics cards processing power makes x64 processors from AMD and Intel et al look like primitive processors in comparison and are the analytics and decision engines in these cutting edge vehicles autonomous control capability.

Big Airliners have had the ability to be fully autonomous if required for some time now and the drones the USAF and other military arms of the Pentagon have in their employ have pushed the envelope of automation and AI quite a long way from the "War Games" movie era type scenarios.

They still need human intervention to make life or death decisions and high ranking authorizations as a double-triple fail safe but that too can in fact be fully automated at the control on an AI system or various AI's working together.

Machines are full of cold logic. Empathy and logic as of yet are not that well defined in robotic entities armed with full political weighing in of multiple factors also being noticeably absent but you would be shocked at what some AI robots can do today in this regard.

We are living in the Age of the Machine.

 The laws of robotics and AI have now become a thing to worry about.

These various AI's will morph into making each and every one of us redundant and this is coming sooner than you think.

Baring a civilization ending catastrophe, within the next one hundred years we will be living in a fully autonomous AI controlled civilization and society where most people from a work point of view are fully redundant.

Gene sequencing and crisper controlled DNA modification machines with all sorts of AI controlled systems eradicating disease will make human lifespan something that will have consequences in population management to deal with and require planets suitable for human habitation and ecosystems to build and tend that afford us survival capabilities in very harsh environments.

I think software and systems will eventually all be something the machine world and AI can cater to at our whim and it will self evolve making better infrastructure and code for itself as it goes.

The genesis of all of this stuff will be looked back as having been the field of analytics and data control schema's of one kind or another from this era.

Neural Network AI entities are where we are at in terms of bleeding edge right now. Processor power and vast improvements in this arena is finally accelerating like a rocket to help get us to this AI controlled autonomous world we are busy building.

Graphic card processing power is  creating a new frontier for AI that is going to be pretty stunning when its off the ground and fully operational.

It is going to change our world and make Science fiction a living reality and it is happening right now in various labs and garages around the planet.

If you want to be the last humans not redundant on the planet, get into software development today!!

Neural Network engineering using chemical memory and processing systems is also a new frontier that will pair with AI in a rather spectacular way.

Strap in and hold tight, this ride is becoming very interesting!!